Pectic Enzyme Powder

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Pectic enzyme breaks down the pectin's in fruit, makes the crushing or pressing more efficient. It also reduces pectin's hazing effect in wine which leaves you with a brilliant, clear wine when fermented properly. Pectic Enzyme may also be added to red grape must to help extract tannin from the fruit skins.

Used to reduce the hazing effect of pectin's when using real fruit in your beer, wines, or meads. 

Mix 2 tsp with cold water and add to 5 - 6 gallon of product. 

Enzymes denature above 150° Fahrenheit (approximately) thus if you are doing any heating of your product add them after the product has cooled.

Do not add this enzyme with bentonite, as this will negate the effect.

Increases juice yield in fruits by breaking down the cellular structure of pectins.

Eliminates pectin haze from wines made with pectin rich fruits.

Necessary notably for apple wines and cider.

Pectic Enzyme Powder increases juice yields by breaking down the pectins present in fruit wines and ciders.

Also eliminates pectin haze from wines made with pectin-rich fruits especially apple wines or ciders.

Typical usage 1/2 oz per 6 gallons or as directed by your recipe


(No reviews yet) Write a Review