Pilsner Malt Extract Bag (LME)

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Product Overview

Made from Pilsner style 2-row malt with added Carapils for body this extract is absolutely perfect as the base for any lager, especially German lagers and Czech Pilsners. Our Pilsner Malt Extract is also a our first choice for Belgian style beers. This is the most fermentable malt extract we sell so you if you are looking for dry beer with a crisp finish and less residual maltiness this is your best choice. This also the lightest malt extract we sell as you can see in the photo. 

Pilsner malt extract is the most fragile malt extract because aging and exposure to high temperature will darken it and change the flavor.  Packaged in oxygen barrier foil bags that keep the extract from oxidizing. Does fresh extract make a difference ...decide for yourself!

We recommend customers to store their extract in the refrigerator if they do not plan on using it within 8 weeks.

This liquid malt extract yields about 1.035 gravity points per pound of malt extract per gallon of water. For example if you used 5 lbs of extract in a 5 gallon batch it would yield a 1.035 starting gravity. Another way to think of it is that for each pound of liquid extract someone adds to their recipe they are adding 7 pts of gravity. In a 5 gallon batch: 5 lbs - 1.035 6 lbs - 1.042 7 lbs - 1.049 8 lbs - 1.056 9 lbs - 1.063 10lbs - 1.070

Substituting DME for LME

When substituting dry malt extract for liquid malt extract (or vise-versa) remember that it is a 4-to-5 ratio (dry to liquid).  For example, if your recipe calls for 4 lbs. dry malt extract, but you'd rather use liquid, you'll want to use 5 lbs. instead.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review