2-Fold Velvet Cream Vanilla Extract by LorAnn Flavor Oils

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SKU: LO3019-0800

2-Fold Velvet Cream Vanilla Extract. It is recommended to add flavoring during secondary fermentation, but feel free to experiment. Trying adding during primary fermentation, kegging, or bottling for some unique taste sensations.

2-Fold Velvet Cream Vanilla Extract LorAnn Flavor is completely water soluble. 2 times stronger than most flavorings. 2-Fold Velvet Cream Vanilla Extract LorAnn Flavoring can add a ton of flavor to a 5-6 gallons of wine or beer.

0.66 teaspoon will flavor 5-6 gallons of beer, wine, cider or mead.

Our Velvet Cream 2-Fold Vanilla Extract is an excellent value! 

This double-strength extract is a blend of natural and artificial vanillas.  It's a great-tasting and economical alternative to pure vanilla extract.   Velvet Cream is perfect for adding luscious vanilla flavor to your baked goods, frostings, ice creams and anywhere you want to add the rich aroma and flavor of vanilla. 

  • 2X the strength of traditional extracts 
  • Double-strength (two-fold)
  • Gluten-free
  • Soluble in water 

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