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Kit contains enough ingredients to make Mozzarella 30 times using our own easy recipe! The whole process takes ±30 minutes!!! For those of you who have goat's milk, this recipe works like a charm. Our Mozzarella recipe may also be made with powdered milk (recipe included)! To see the actual recipe, click on the 'More Information" tab above. Recipe booklet also includes recipe for quick and easy Ricotta, as well as a small variety of recipes using these two cheeses.

CONTENTS: Dairy Thermometer, 1 yd re-useable Butter Muslin, Citric Acid, Vegetable Rennet Tablets, Cheese Salt and Recipe Booklet

USAGE: Use to make Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese in the comfort of your own kitchen!!!

STORAGE: Kit will store at room temperature up to 1 year. Rennet tablets will last longer if stored in the freezer. Once opened, store citric acid and salt in well sealed containers in a cool, dry place. They will last indefinitely.

NOTE ABOUT MILK: Use the freshest milk you can find (usually something semi-local). Milks pasteurized above 170F can be problematic for curd formation. If you see problems with curd formation, we recommend contacting the dairy and asking about their processing temps. 

Buying Milk for Mozzarella
Our best advice to date is to buy a LOCAL milk one that has not had to have the extensive Long Haul treatment
A problem is that milk is being shipped cross country after being processed by huge processing plants. In order to do this the milk must be processed at higher temps and then held at cold temps for long periods of time while going these long distances to markets. This is especially true for our so called "organic milks" Many of the milks not labeled as UP are in fact heat and cold damaged and will not make a proper cheese curd for this Mozzarella, if your cheese is not working use the dry milk powder and cream directions in the kit.

Questions & Answers

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  • I followed your recipe but we didn\'t eat the cheese right away (my husband was going to use it to make dinner the next day). So I cooled the ball in ice water for 1/2 hour and then put it in an airtight container. To my surprise the next day, the ball had melted and taken the form of the container! I could still cut it but it continued to reform. I had stirred it longer to make a firmer cheese, etc because I thought we would be able to shred it. What did I do wrong???

    This is because the cheese still contains an excess of moisture and will actually flow over time into the shape of the container that holds it. To make a firmer cheese try cutting the curds smaller initially and stir longer and/or at a higher temp. This should yield the drier cheese you would like. 

  • I have made fresh mozzarella several times since ordering my supplies. The cheese always comes out shiny and delicious with a slightly elastic texture but after 2 days becomes a little mushy and develops a unpleasant after taste. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?

    When you have a moist mozzarella the lactose will continue to ferment. Mozz is traditionally a fresh cheese eaten within a day or so. If you hold it longer it will not hold its shape and become sour or off tasting.

    If you want more structure and longer hold time then cut the curd smaller and stir longer with a bit more heat before the stretch phase. This will yield a drier cheese with less lactose.

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