5 Liter Party Keg w/tap


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HIT PLAIN SILVER P.KEG W/TAP 5 Liter Party Keg w/tap Mini-Keg, 1.33 Gallons: More kegs = Fewer bottles!

Each keg needs an additional bung.

Approximate dimensions: 6.5" in diameter. 9-11/16" tall.

About the size of a gallon of milk, and holding five liters, (approx. 12-12 oz. glasses), this is an excellent solution to bottling your brew.

Once filled, then stored in a cool place, the beer will stay fresh for up to and over 6 months before tapping. Plastic and metal CO2 units will keep the beer fresh for up to 90 days, while air-pump dispensed brew should be consumed in 3-5 days.

Care and Feeding Of Mini-Kegs Min-kegs offer an economical, easy and convenient alternative to bottles. Mini-Kegs are portable, so you can enjoy fresh, cool draught beer for picnics and parties. 5 liter Mini-Kegs are made of electrolytically treated tin-plate.

The inside has gold lacquering protection. The special coating protects the freshness and imparts no off-tasted to the beer. For homebrewing, special care is needed for re-use of the Mini-Keg.

Replacing every 6-8 fills is recommended by the manufacturer.

To clean the tap, rinse with warm water; for the keg use a very mild cleaner such as One Step Cleaner. Do not use any strong corrosive chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials.

Priming Use 1/3 cup of corn sugar to prime a five gallon batch of beer, or use 1 tablespoon per 5 liters of beer. You may adjust the amount of corn sugar if necessary, but do not use more than cup of corn sugar for a five gallon batch of beer.

Prior to putting beer in the Mini-Keg with corn sugar, make sure the fermentation is finished. Test the beer first with a hydrometer. Fermenting beer, or too much priming sugar, will cause excess pressure in the Mini-Keg, which could cause the Mini-Keg to bulge or explode. Deformed or damaged kegs should never be used.

Filling To fill, simply siphon beer into the Mini-Keg leaving about one inch of headspace. Seal the keg by pressing the rubber bung into the hole in the top. Moistening it will probably help. Make sure the pointer on the red tab top is pointing to the 0 on the bung to seal the vent.

Store in cool dry place, avoiding any sunlight. Aging time is 2 to 4 weeks.

Tapping To tap, assemble the tap according to the pictured instructions on the box. Make sure you have screwed the rod onto the base snugly. The threads are plastic, so do not over tighten.

Remove the red tab top of the bung. Push the rod of the tap through the remaining center piece of the bung. Beer can be drawn with natural pressure for the first 1-2 glasses. When beer flow stops, set regulator at shut-off position (the narrow point) then screw the 16 gram CO2 charger into the tap. You should hear the CO2 charger get pierced by the pin.

Do not over tighten the CO2 charger. Turn the CO2 regulator to control the CO2 flow into the Mini-Keg. One 16 gram CO2 will usually be enough to finish one Mini-Keg. To prevent beer from going flat, there must be CO2 in the Mini-Keg at all times.

Do not turn off the CO2 and drain the keg as this will create a vacuum and damage the Mini-Keg. The CO2 tap is equipped with a regulator to control the amount of CO2 to be put into the Mini-Keg

. If you experience excess amounts foam in the beer, you should reduce the CO2. When pushing the dispensing lever, one should push it down all the way. A half opened dispensing valve will cause excessive amounts of foam.

Refrigerate your kegged beer prior to serving. Keeping beer at a cool and constant temperature will minimize fluctuations in carbonation level.

If you beer is over-carbonated for whatever reason but the keg is not bulging, do not apply CO2; internal pressure is sufficient to dispense the beer.

Storage The entire 3-piece bung is re-usable. Simply retrieve all the pieces, clean and reassemble them for later use. Make sure the keg is thoroughly dried and cool to prevent any rust. Once dry, you can re-place the original plastic cap or the clean bung for storage. Remember to replace your kegs on a regular basis as mentioned before.

Safety Warnings For your own safety and others, keep CO2 chargers away from children, and always follow the manufacturers instructions for proper use,. CO2 bulb holders have a pressure release hole at the end of the holder. Blocking this hole can cause an explosion.

Use only Mini-Keg compatible 16 gram CO2 bulbs, as others could be dangerous. 8 gram CO2 bulbs are not recommended, but can be used only with an approved adapter. Other objects will block the pressure release hole and could cause an explosion.

Never try to screw out a CO2 bulb that is not totally empty. It could shoot out of the holder and cause injury.

To screw out a CO2 bulb, simply loosen the bulb holder 1 or 2 turns until you hear gas flowing out through the back of the holder. When the gas flow stops, it is then safe to remove the bulb. Never use the tap handle to carry your Mini-Keg. And, last but not least, relax and have a homebrew!

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