Blue Powder Food Color by LorAnn Flavor Oils

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LorAnn’s Professional Extra Strength Blue Powder Food Coloring is ideal for use in a wide variety of cream-based baked goods, candies, cookie dough, cream cheese, frostings, marzipan and whipped toppings. 

LorAnn Blue Powder Food Color can be used interchangeably with LorAnn colors
Tip: Add Powder color using a toothpick. To prevent contamination, always use a fresh toothpick each time color is added.

Used in chocolates, dry mixes and many other applications where water is prohibited. Use sparingly as powdered colors are extremely concentrated and may stain clothing, hands, or mouth.

Kosher certified
Concentrated color
Powder food coloring is the most concentrated and offers the ultimate in strength and versatility.  Powdered food coloring can be used safely in chocolates, dry mixes and other applications where water is prohibited.  

To use in chocolate crafting, we recommend creating a color-intensive "marble" of chocolate that is then blended into the remaining chocolate.  To create the "marble", add powder food coloring to a small amount of melted chocolate and mix thoroughly.  Once color is completely incorporated, mix this small colored "marble" into your larger batch of melted chocolate.  Continue in the same manner until desired hue is achieved.
Our professional-strength Powder Food Colorings are available in a rainbow of hues and are formulated to be used by the professional as well as in the home kitchen. Liquid food color is ideal for tinting an array of candies, baked goods and frosting.  
Add just a few drops for a light tint, add several drops for a bolder hue.  Get inventive and combine one or more colors to create a customized shade.

Use alone, or in combination with other colors.

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