Brewcraft Deluxe Starter Brewery Kit


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Brewcraft Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit

Make delicious beer at home with the easy convenience of the BrewCraft Deluxe Homebrew Kit!

This kit has absolutely all of the equipment you need to start brewing today. Just gather your yeast, malt, and other ingredients from a local homebrew store and put the BrewCraft kit to work!

Each of the included pieces of high-quality equipment is specially engineered to offer you dependable performance that makes it easy to become a homebrew hero. And if you’re just starting out (or giving the Brewcraft Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit as a gift) you’ll appreciate the detailed instructions that will make you a master brewer in no time!

Homebrewing is a hobby that rewards patience and hard work with fresh delicious beer. Sounds like a good trade-off to us! Get a BrewCraft Deluxe Homebrew Kit for yourself or a loved one today and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying the best beer you’ve ever had!

Please note: This kit does NOT include any brewing ingredients. It is equipment only. You can easily obtain all of your ingredients in our store, or by purchasing one of our home brew ingredient kits.

This is a fantastic kit that comes with just all the hardware  you need to start brewing. You will need also need bottles which you can buy new or just save your old ones and recycle them and fill with your own brew.

This Deluxe Starter Homebrew Kit is another ideal starting point for new brewers or upgrade/add to your current equipment.

It has all the equipment you need to start brewing today!

***This kit does not include ingredients or bottles to make beer, just the hardware.

Kit features everything you need to start brewing beer
Perfect for beginners or expert brewers
Comes packaged in an attractive, easy-to-wrap box for top-notch gifting
1 Brewcraft 30 liter fermenter
1 Lid with hole for Brewcraft 30 liter fermenter
1 Glass carboy, small mouth, 6 gallon
1 Stainless steel 20 quart stock pot with lid
1 Tap and sediment reducer
1 Easy auto siphon cane/plunger unit
1 Siphon holder, 3/8 fits buckets
1 Nylon bottle brush
1 Nylon brush for carboy, 27” long
1 Glass stem thermometer
1 Plastic spoon, 15” long
1 Rubber stopper with airlock hole
1 Bottle filler
1 Self adhesive fermometer
1 Brewcraft triple scale hydrometer
1 S-shaped airlock
1 Equipment kit cleaner with 2oz of PBW and 4oz of Star San
1 Red plastic red wing bottle caper
1 Clear vinyl tubing, 2 pieces for siphon and bottling
1 Instruction

Note: Ships in manufacturers box

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