Brewferm Diabolo Single Can (3.3 lb.)


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Pale golden color with the aroma of Devil type Belgian beers with a pleasant sweet taste but a high degree of alcohol: a diabolic beer! Produces 9 liters at 8% alcohol. Requires an additional 1 lb of dry malt extract. The first & only original Belgian beer kits. Packed with yeast & instructions. 3.3 lb tin TIPS BREWFERM beers are aromatic and strong beers. They mostly require a longer ripening period (6 8 weeks). Please do take this period into consideration. Your patience will be rewarded with an unequalled quality beer. Preferably use boiled and cooled water. This benefits both taste and head of the beer. To get a specific and special taste you can use candy sugar or raw cane sugar instead of white sugar. In that case you have to use 5% more sugar. All fermentors, bottles and materials must be cleaned thoroughly and sterilized. Preferably use a special cleaner-steriliser, as available in the shops. Most BREWFERM beers can be stored a long time. The stronger the beer the longer the storage time.

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