Buon Vino Mini-Jet Filter

Buon Vino Manufacturing

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SKU: BSG6670

The Buon Vino Mini Jet has been designed with the small quantity winemaker in mind. It is the perfect way for the home hobbyist to produce a wine with a commercial shine. Perfect for the home winemaker who filters 23L (5 Gallons) at a time from kits.

Its compact design incorporates a self-prime motorized pump capable of filtering up to 20 litres in 15 minutes. A built in drip tray and drainage tube ensure a no mess, no fuss clean-up job. And its triple filter pads add a crystal clear, sparkling quality to your wine.

Technical Specifications:

  • self-prime pump
  • incorporated motor
  • filtering surface 465 square cm
  • filtering time: 15 minutes per 20 litre jug (approximate)
  • 3 grades of pads: coarse, polish, and sterilizing
  • dimensions: 30 cm (length) x 14 cm (width) x 18 cm (height)
  • weight: 3 kilograms
  • C.S.A. approved

Mini Jet Troubleshooting

Click here for Mini Jet Trouble Shooting Guide and Guide To Lubricating Gears


Using Your Mini Jet – Watch The Video!

Learn how to filter your wine perfectly every time with the Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter. Step-by-step instructions to help you achieve brillance, sparkle and a wine you will be proud to serve!


Wine filtration is the last step in the wine making process.

The Buon Vino Mini Jet is manufactured with the home winemaker in mind. It is ideal for the customer who is filtering 1 or 2–23 litre batches at one time.

The key to effective wine filtering is the Filter Pads. All pads MUST be of the same grade (do NOT mix course, polish and fine pads together) and inserted properly

NOTE: The Buon Vino Mini Jet is a filter NOT an electric bottle filler. Use of this unit for bottling will damage the pump.

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