Citric Acid


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Citric Acid (also known as sour salt) is popular among winemakers. It is the primary acid found in fruits such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, pineapple and others.

Citric acid is an organic acid that is a component of all aerobic living organismsmost abundantly, and not surprisingly, in citrus fruit.  This weak acid has been used as an additive in processed foods for more than 100 years as a preservative, a sour flavoring, or an emulsifying agent.  Because of its effective preservative properties, citric acid can be found in most canned and jarred foods to prevent botulism.

Wine Making

Citric Acid can be used in sanitizing solutions to lower the pH, which will make the SO2 level more effective. 

In addition, it can increase acidity at a ratio of 0.1% for each teaspoon per gallon. Adding too much, however, will create a very tart flavor.

Citric acid is also used in smaller doses along with metabisulfite or campden tablets to enhance their sterilizing effectiveness.

One teaspoon of citric will raise the titratable acid in a gallon of wine by .15 per cent tartaric.


Known for its preservative qualities, citric acid can be added to drinks, ice cream, jams, tomato based products (like pasta sauce), canned fruit, and yogurt

Natural tasting tomatoes just the way you like them using this citric acid additive instead of lemon juice for canning.

Citric Acid:

  • Helps safely can tomatoes
  • Provides pantry-ready alternative to lemon juice
  • Does not change tomato flavor
  • Called for in 90 percent of USDA tomato recipes

Citric Acid for cleaning copper stills, for cleaning copper packing, copper still parts, and even used in distilling mash to adjust PH, wine-making and sometimes beer brewing. Use about 2 ounces of  per gallon of water for cleaning copper stills and have them looking like new again. A great product to clean the Copper Alembic stills to keep them looking like new and creating the best end product. Consider using Star San after to not only clean your copper still well, but sanitize it. Let copper packing soak in water with Citric Acid for an hour or so to remove oxidation and other substances clinging to your copper mesh.

One teaspoon will increase acidity in wine by about .1%. Using too much of this in your wine, beer, or grain mash for distillation can cause sour tastes, so use lightly. Citric Acid is also used to lower pH balances, and can even be used in brewing to make a product called “invert sugar”

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