CO-2-GO Adapter for 12 or 20 oz CO2 tanks


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CO-2-GO Adapter for 12 or 20 oz CO2 tanks Allows use of a 12 or 20 ounce CO2 tank (paint ball sizes). with your existing regulator. Made of anodized aluminum, this adapter makes portability of your keg system a breeze! The Adapter CO-2-GO - Ever wondered why you can not use a paintball CO2 tank to dispense homebrew? Now You Can! "The Adapter" will allow you to connect your existing CO2 regulator to a 12 or 20 ounce "paintball" CO2 tank, available at any sporting goods store. A great way to make your kegs more portable. Use your standard CO2 regulator with a tiny refillable 'Paintball' CO2 tank. You can get these tanks at many sporting goods stores. Gives you MUCH BETTER CONTROL than tire-inflator type CO2 injectors, which are unregulated.

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