Cork Retriever Tool


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Use this handy device for removing corks and stopper that were accidentally pushed into bottles and carboys. 

Get those rogue corks out of your empty wine bottles! Everyone has had the experience of accidentally pushing a cork down inside of a bottle of wine. With this tool, you can get those corks out of the bottle once they are empty, enabling you to reuse the bottle on your next batch of wine! Once the bottle is empty, push the wine retriever down into the bottle, pulling back on the red collar to fully expose the hooks at the end. Get your cork down into the neck of the bottle and grasp it with the hooks. At this point, it might take a little elbow grease, but you should be able to pull the cork out and have a nice bottle for reuse!

  • Gets corks out of wine bottles!
  • Reuse wine bottles on future batches
  • Works in a pinch!

To use, slide the plastic retaining fitting to the top of the wires (by the handle). Insert the wires into your bottle, and turn the container upside down. Move the container around until the cork or stopper falls roughly into the center of the 3 prongs. Slide the retaining fitting down the wires, until it tightens around the cork or stopper. Gently pull the handle out of the bottle, while keeping the cork or stopper centered between the wires.

Cork Retriever - 3-prong, for retrieving corks from bottles. Also - takes the limes out of Corona bottles!


This can be used to pull out corks and stoppers which have fallen into the bottle. Sturdy metal arms grip the cork and are slim enough to fit up the neck with it. It's 11 1/2" long, so it can reach the bottom of most bottles.


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