Lalvin EC-1118 Wine Yeast 5 gm


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Lalvin EC-1118 Champagne Wine Yeast 5GR EC-1118 Origin: Champagne Region Recommended for all types of wines including sparkling wines, late harvest wines cider and home made soda.

Also an excellent choice for re-starting stuck fermentations. Has a high tolerance to alcohol. Neutral in flavor.

Good flocculation and a neutral flavor and aroma. This is a strain that is popular because of its strong fermentation characteristics and lack of problems. Can be used in a wide range of wines including most red wines, sparkling wines and late harvest version where the alcohol tolerance is a perfect fit. Ferments from 45 to 95 degrees with an alcohol tolerance of 18%. Not a great choice for wine that will be seeing a malo-lactic fermentation as EC-1118 naturally produces higher levels of SO2 which can inhibit malo-lactic fermentations.

Also, used in old fashioned soda pops for bottle conditioning.

This Prisse de Mousse strain is fast-starting, clean and neutral.

A popular choice because of its consistently strong fermentation characteristics and high alcohol tolerance, up to 18%.

The first choice for champagne and sparkling wines.

Also good for restarting stuck fermentations. Ferments between 50 and 80 degrees.

Additional Information
Ideal Temperature Range (F) 50-86F
Attenuation (%) NA Flocculation Medium Alcohol Tolerance (%) 18%
Rate of Fermentation Fast Foam Production Very Low Nutrient Requirements Normal H2S Production Very Low SO2 Production Moderate Profile Wine

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