Lambrusco Vinifera Noble Wine Kit (10L)

Mosti Mondiale

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Lambrusco Vinifera Noble Wine Kit by Mosti Mondiale
Lambrusco is a medium-bodied red wine with flavors of raspberry, strawberry and peppers.
This wine is ruby in color with aromas of strawberries and cherries. It has a clean and smooth attack with great length and structure. It is a pleasant drinking red wine with exquisite red berry flavors that make this wine very enjoyable and you will notice its strong finish paired with an attractive freshness.
  • A Top Quality Home Wine Making Kit
  • Concentrated pure juice kit. Lambrusco
  • No sugar required to brew this superb red wine. Approx, 4 weeks kit.
  • 10 Litres in box, produces 6 gallons,up to 30 750ml bottles of fantastic wine
  • Wine Making Kit Only. Equipment Is Not Supplied with this item.
Flavor Notes: Fruity, Herbaceous
  • Color : Red
  • Varietal : Lambrusco
  • Collection : Vinifera Noble
  • Body : Medium
  • Origin : Italy
  • Package Type : Blended Grape Must

Included in your wine kit
• Juice Bag 
• Yeast
• Yeast Nutrient – to be added when specific gravity is between 1.040-1.050
• Potassium Metabisulphite – to be used in Degassing, Clearing and Stabilizing step only
• Kieselsol & Chitosan clarifiers
• Potassium Sorbate stabilizers

In Selected Products (as needed)
• AllGrape® Pack
• Wine Conditioner
• Dried Raisins
• Kristalblok®
• Oak Chips
• Fruit Essence Bag – Summer Breeze only

Aditional supplies needed
• 200g/7.05 oz Potassium Metabisulphite for sterilization (or other homebrewing sanitiser)
• 30L/8 US Gallon Primary Fermenter
• Hydrometer
• Long Mixing Spoon
• 23L/6 US Gallon Carboy glass recommended
• Siphon Tube
• Airlock and Bung
• 30x 750mL Wine Bottles
• 30x Wine Corks
• Corker

• A Filter Machine with proper filter pads
• Shrink Caps and Labels

Mosti Mondiale Vinifera Noble Wine Kit Instructions

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