Lysozyme 2oz

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Lysozyme 2oz - Enzyme-prevents malolactic fermentation.
Usage is approx 1/4 oz per 6 gallons. 2 oz will treat 50 gal at a 5% solution to produce 275 ppm.
For 6 gal batches dissolve 2.25 level tsp in 4 oz hot water.
Stir gently, let rest 45 min.

Lysozyme- 2 oz powder (56 grams). Lysozyme is an enzyme used to hinder or block malo-lactic fermentation. 2 oz bottle is enough for 60 gallons of wine at 250 mg/l dosage.

Product has a five year shelf life in powder form.

Usage: Dissolve 2.25 tsp lysozyme powder in 4 oz hot water. Stir gently to dissolve. Allow mixture to soak-up water for 45 minutes. Repeat stirring until powder liquid turns clear. This will make a 5% solution. Use 1 fluid oz of this prepared solution per 1.5 gallons of wine.

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