Muntons India Pale Ale Single Kit

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India Pale Ale - Keeping the British troops supplied with fresh beer out in the British East Indies proved to be a problem during the 19th Century. The lengthy journey by sailing ship caused the beers to spoil and a special brew therefore had to be supplied - India Pale Ale. This was brewed to a high alcoholic strength to keep bacteria at bay during the voyage. Upon arrival the beer was watered down to normal pub strength for the troops. Of course the officers had access to the non-diluted version! However you have a choice. Recreate India Pale Ale, brewed to the Troops Tipple at approximately 1041 strength or the Higher Ranks Reserve version in its higher strength form. Typical analyses when canned Colour (EBC Units) 22 - 28 Bitterness (EBU's) 17 - 23 Solids (by refractometer) 80% - 82% Acidity (as lactic) 1% max pH 5 - 6 Free Amino Nitrogen 0.15%

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