Muntons Old English Bitter Single kit

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Old English Bitter - This fine Old English beer rekindles the full bodied, rich ales of Victorian Britain. Enjoyed best when served at cellar temperature - 13C, 56F. This quality beer combines premium brewing malt and the choicest hops, to follow a centuries old tradition of fine brewing. In keeping with this tradition, you can now recreate the taste enjoyed by Victorian England, with this excellent Old English Bitter - a taste which improves and matures with age, if you can bear to store a few bottles for six months or so! Typical analyses when canned Colour (EBC Units) 27 - 33 Bitterness (EBU's) 45 - 55 Solids (by refractometer) 80% - 82% Acidity (as lactic) 1% max pH 5 - 6 Free Amino Nitrogen 0.15%

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