Nomacorc Wine Corks 44x22mm (#8 x 1 3/4)


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The Nomacorc Select Series is a collection of high-performance co-extruded wine closures designed to meet the needs of discriminating winemakers and the unique wines they create. The Select Series is backed by the Nomacorc Winemaker Promise, a commitment of consistent oxygen control performance, quality assurance, and closures free of TCA (main compound of cork taint). Nomacorc Select Series boasts oxygen control consistency superior to all other wine closures. Color and texture consistent with traditional high quality natural cork.

Our patented co-extrusion process consists of two stages, the foamed core and the outer skin. The foamed core provides uniform cell size and density allowing for consistent and predictable oxygen permeation. The elastic outer skin ensures that no leakage occurs during bottling or storage. This flexible skin also provides support and protection during the bottling process. For the consumer, the Nomacorc skin replicates the look and feel of natural cork.

All Nomacorcs are 100% recyclable with other LDPE food packaging.

Form Factor Straight
Material Synthetic Cork
Composition Foam core, outer skin
Length 44 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Legacy Sizing No. 8 x 1 3/4"
About Cork Dimensions...

Most bottles tolerate a range of cork dimensions and still produce an acceptable seal. Wider corks create a tighter seal, but may be difficult to insert with small, handheld corkers. Micro-agglomerated corks compress less easily than whole, natural corks, and a smaller diameter agglomerated cork may have the same fit as a wider whole cork. Longer corks reduce the initial headspace in the bottle, and can also affect changes in ullage during long aging.

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