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Dose according to need. 3.4 g of potassium bicarbonate reduces the acidity of 1 gal by 0.1 pH. One teaspoon of the powder is approximately 6 g

Safety sealed 5 ounce bottle of PB (Potassium Bicarbonate) factory packed by BSG Handcraft.  Potassium Bicarbonate is THE best way to reduce acidity in wine.  It provides the same acid reduction without the chalky taste.   It is very effective and completely undetectable.  There is no added taste when used as directed as PB passes through your wine and settles out at the bottom of your carboy.  
After a month or so most of the Potassium Bicarbonate and acid crystals will precipitate out of your wine and settle to the bottom of the carboy.  They are then removed in the normal racking process without additional steps.  You do not want to reduce the total acidity by more than 0.3 - 0.4%.

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  • Can you tell me what percent this is? Usually it has some sort of filler, so I need to know if it is 99% or less Potassium Bicarbonate

    Well first thing I did was read the bottle, It is not stated on it.
    So I checked the supplier web site, no luck there either.
    Searched the internet, still no luck.
    I'm afraid I can't answer your question

    If you have a special need other then wine making, you may want to go with something you know.
    If you are using it for winemaking, it will be fine

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