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Rogue Dead Guy Ale Brewcraft/Rogue Ales Brewery Series Recipe Pack Produced by Brewcraft USA, this is the first homebrewing kit formulated with the help of a major US craft brewer.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a Bock style American ale that has won over 25 awards since it was first created in the mid-90s.

Rogue's proprietary Pacman Ale yeast packaged by Wyeast is available to be purchased separately or as an option with this kit although the American ale yeast strains will also work well. You've got to love the guys at Rogue...showing some love for the homebrewers.

This kit was designed in cooperation with Rogue and with the blessing of John "More Hops" Maier, brewmaster at Rogue, so we homebrewers could make the wonderful Dead Guy Ale ourselves. It produces a drink that is virtually indistinguishable in color, flavor, and hop profile from the original. It's a beautiful copper beer with a rich malty backbone and firm hop bitterness built in the style of the strong bock beers of Germany.

The kit contains everything you need to brew an incredible batch of beer: Malt Extract, specialty grains, boiling hops, aroma hops, Belgian candy sugar and instructions. Rogue Dead Guy Blonde hair, lederhosen, sauerkraut, and ridiculous efficiency on the Autobahnen. How else can we stereotype (we jest!) those Germans Folks, bier. Specifically, we're talking Maierbock-style, a variation on the traditional Bock beers that provided Roman Catholic monks sustenance during periods of fasting. Maierbock beers are paler than their traditional counterparts, typically less malty, and serve as proof that some stereotypes are justified. This is the history on which Rogue innovates with Dead Guy Ale.

Recipient of over 15 awards since its first at the 1994 World Beer Championships, Dead Guy has a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavor. Floral, spicy, caramel, and honey notes balance the malt and result in a refreshing go-to beer. Think Dead Guy Ale, period. There isn't another we would point to as a better example. Whether bier or beer, it's love in any language.

To achieve the intended (and best) flavor, we highly suggest brewing with Rogue's proprietary Pacman yeast, packaged by Wyeast Here's a couple ideas. First, ferment your dead guy @60F. This will result in a smoother more rounded beer with low esters almost lager in character. Second, don't worry about your final gravity (terminal) being too high. Dead Guy usually finishes between 1.016 to 1.019. If it finishes too dry you lose the mid malt palate. Specifications of this Beer Style (anticipated) Ideal Fermentation Temperature= 60F

OG= 1.063 / FG= 1.016 IBU's= 40 / ABV= 6.3% Color= 10 SRM Yield= 5 gallons

Contents of this Kit
Brewing Ingredients
Grain Steeping Bag
Hop Steeping Bags
Priming Sugar
Crown Caps
Brewing Instruction Sheet
Bottling Instructions

List of Ingredients
Fermentation: 3 lbs Briess CBW Brewers Gold Dry Malt Extract
2 lbs Briess CBW Amber Dry Malt Extract
1 lb Brewers Crystals- 56% Maltose
Corn Sugar Specialty Grains:
1 lb Munich Malt .
5 lb Crystal Malt 40L

Bittering Hops: 1 oz Perle Hops
Flavor Hops: .5 oz Czech Saaz Pellet Hops (reserve of the Flavor Hops packet provided for use as Aroma Hops)
Aroma Hops: .5 oz Czech Saaz Pellet Hops

This Beer Ingredient Kit Makes 5 US Gal of Ultimate Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Yeast is not included with Brewcraft / Rogue home brew kits

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