Stainless Hose Clamp Easy-Turn 1/2 in (8-12 mm) - Blue


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SKU: BSG6698

Stainless Hose Clamp, Easy-Turn 1/2" AIS #430 Stainless Steel hose clamps with attached handles for easy turning. Sizes are the maximum diameter each clamp will accommodate.

Stainless steel hose clamps have a plastic handle so they can easily be tightened and removed by hand, without any tools.

Functions the same as a standard Hose Clamp, however rather than needing to find a screwdriver (or dime!) for every adjustment you can easily tighten by hand.

As an added bonus, this also has a significantly smoother inside to the clamp, which will not tear up your tubing nearly as much as a standard hose clamp!  Ideal for situations where you need to remove tubing from fittings to sanitize.

Please note, this is a clamp that will fit 1/2" OD tubing. 

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