Streets of London Porter Brewcraft Premium Beer Ingredients Kit


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This is an English-style, Brown Porter. Its color is dark-brown with a slight red tint, a little lighter than a Classic Robust Porter. This is a rich, flavorful homebrew that has several layers malt flavors. Most noticeable are the dark-toasted malts, followed by the some caramel sweetness and a touch of bitter chocolate at the end.  The hops are moderate in bitterness with a bit of spiciness  is apparent.


Create your own brew that’s worthy of the Big Smoke with this Brewcraft homebrew ingredient kit.

The Streets of London Porter is a rich, robust dark brew that you’ll love drinking by the fire place on a cold winter’s night.

This recipe pack from Brewcraft has all all the homebrew supplies (like grain steeping bags) and ingredients (like yeast, malt, sugar, and more) you need to create your own batch of smokey porter perfection.

In the home brewing world, the name Brewcraft equals quality. Pick up your Streets of London recipe pack today and get ready to enjoy a pint of something truly delicious!

  • Complete ingredient kit to make your own Streets of London Porter
  • Includes detailed instruction sheet for hassle-free brewing
  • (1) Pack (3 lbs.) Amber Dry Malt
  • (1) Pack (3 lbs.) Dark Dry Malt
  • (1) Pack (.25 lb) Chocolate Malt
  • (1) Pack (.25 lb) Black Patent Malt
  • (1) Pack (.5 lb) Crystal Malt
  • (1) Pack (.25 lb) Victory Malt
  • (1) Pack (1 oz) Golding Hops
  • (2) Pack (.5 oz) Willamette Hops
  • (1) Pack priming sugar
  • (1) Pack (11 g) yeast
  • (3) Hops straining bags
  • (1) Grain straining bag
  • (50) Bottle caps
  • (1) Instruction sheet


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