Super Jet Filter Pads #2 Polish

Buon Vino Manufacturing

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SKU: BSG6678

Super Jet Filter Pads #2 , Polish 2.5 microns. The #2 Polishing Pad will produce a wine with a professional brightness & sparkle. For a ultra fine clarity, use the #3 pad. All Buon Vino wine filters have been designed to use ORIGINAL Buon Vino Filter Pads. The micron sizes and consistency of Buon Vino Filter Pads have been designed to give optimal performance when used with Buon Vino wine filters. The flow rate of the pump is designed to work in conjunction with the Buon Vino Filter Pads to give you the best filtration possible.

20 x 20 cm custom Filter Pad for use specifically with the Buon Vino Super-Jet Filter. Pads are rated nominally, which means that the rating is an average of all of the sizes of pores in the media. Fine pads are rated to 2 microns nominal, and are appropriate for polish filtration of red and white wines. Typically the finest filtration a red wine will go through.

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