Vintners Harvest Wine Starter Kit

Vintner's Harvest

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SKU: BC71152

This comprehensive kit comes with all of the equipment needed to craft a batch of your own unique vino. Just grab your ingredients, a few empty bottles, and you’re ready to get started.

This kit has all the equipment you need to start making wine at your home.

The kit contents are as follows
•8 gallon Fermenter with lid and airlock
•Plastic Syphon Assemply with 4' of hosing for transferring the wine
•6 gallon PET carboy
•Bottle filler
•Self-Adhesive LCD Thermometer, 36 to 78 oF
•No rinse sanitizer concentrate
•Airlock and rubber bung for the carboy
•30 synthetic Corks
•Twin lever corker

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