Red Star Premier Cuvee Wine Yeast 5 gm

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Also known as Prise de Mousse, this is a Champagne yeast that is strong acting, low foaming and therefore qualified for barrel fermentations. It imparts a strong yeasty aroma and is useful for secondary fermentation in both still and sparkling wine production. Good for reds and whites alike and for restarting stuck or sluggish fermentations. Temperature range is 45-95°F (equal to Lalvin EC-1118), flocculation is low, and alcohol is reliably 18%.

A strain of Saccharomyces bayanus from a French wine yeast, is a special isolate of Red Star Yeast & Products. This yeast has good tolerance to ethanol and free sulfur dioxide, and ferments to dryness. Premier Cuvée is noted as a very low producer of foam, urea, and fusel oils. It is recommended for reds, whites and especially champagne. This yeast is reported to perform well restarting stuck fermentations. Winemakers have remarked that Premier Cuvée is the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral fermenter offered by Red Star. Ferments best between 7°-35°C (45°-95°F).
Certified Kosher.

Great yeast for dry mead, It produces no off-tastes; it ferments very fast and is fairly tolerant of rude/careless behavior (high/low temps, inadequate acid or nutrients, etc.) It is is very attenuative. Don't use it if you're trying to retain any sweetness in the mead.

Very old recipes may refer to this as Red Star "Prise de Mousse", same yeast, just renamed years ago


(No reviews yet) Write a Review