Rice Hulls

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Rice Hulls are used to aid in filterability when you are doing all-grain brewing and using a high percentage of wheat or oats and have had lautering problems. They do not impart any flavor to the finished beer. 

Use at a percentage not greater than 5% of the total grain bill.

Used by the all-grain brewer as a filter bed after mashing. They may be used in any all-grain batch for this purpose, but they should definitely be used when mashing large amounts of flaked adjuncts or wheat malt. Helps prevent stuck mashes for high adjunct brews. Also great when used for pressing grapes. Used to prevent gummy thick mashes, particularly when using flaked or torrified adjuncts Add up to 10% rice hulls to enhance the filtration effectiveness of the lauter bed. Particularly beneficial when producing wheat beers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review