Robust Porter Palmer Premium Beer Kits - Black Widow

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Palmer Premium Beer Kits - Black Widow - Robust Porter
Porter is not as dry and roasty as dry stout, is not as sweet and rich as sweet stout, but is a warm and inviting drink all its own. This recipe has consistently been a competition favorite, and gets its name from the unfortunate propensity for the aggregation of arachnids in California garages and brewing equipment stored therein.
The award-winning recipe from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, prepared and assembled in a ready to brew ingredient kit!
This homebrew kit makes 5 gallons.
This Kit Includes:
Briess CBW Dry Malt Extract (DME), Crushed Steeping Grains, Steeping Bag,  Hops, Fermentis Yeast, Priming Sugar, Brewing Instructions, Recipe Instructions
Gravity  (OG) 1.062
Bitterness  37 IBUs
Color 28 SRM
ABV  6.4%
ABV % 6.4
IBU 37
SRM 28
Beer Style Robust Porter
Ready to Drink Within 2-4 Weeks
Alcohol Content Medium (5-7%)
Bitterness 37
Fermentation Temp Range 64-72
Brewing Method Extract
Pre-Milled Y


(No reviews yet) Write a Review