Sanitizer Injector for Stationary Bottle Trees

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Product Overview

The sanitizer injector is easy to use, and saves a lot of time. Simply fill the reservoir with sanitizer solution, press your bottle down on the injector spout to squirt sanitizer inside your bottle, and let the bottle dry upside down on the bottle tree.

A great add on sale for our Stationary Bottle Trees.  This matches up with our BMB511 and BMB512 Bottle Trees and is a great way to make a complete bottle sanitizing package for your bottling.  For a more economical version, see our BSG6794.

Sanitizer Injectors are designed to hold a small volume of sanitizer solution and squirt that sanitizer up into a bottle once it has been pushed down on the injector.  Simplifies the bottling process by quickly and easily sanitizing all internal surfaces of the bottle. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review