Stainless Hose Clamp Easy-Turn 2 3/8 in (40-60 mm) - Blue

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Product Overview

Stainless Hose Clamp, Easy-Turn 2 3/8" AIS #430 Stainless Steel hose clamps with attached handles for easy turning. Sizes are the maximum diameter each clamp will accommodate.

This size fits over the neck of glass and plastic carboys

Stainless steel hose clamps have a plastic handle so they can easily be tightened and removed by hand, without any tools.

Functions the same as a standard Hose Clamp, however rather than needing to find a screwdriver (or dime!) for every adjustment you can easily tighten by hand.

As an added bonus, this also has a significantly smoother inside to the clamp, which will not tear up your tubing nearly as much as a standard hose clamp!

Ideal for situations where you need to remove tubing from fittings to sanitize.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review