Super-Kleer Finings (Kieselsol/Chitosan) - 65 mL Packet

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Super-Kleer K.C. is a 2-part wine and beer fining kit. It contains 2 pre-mixed pouches, kieselsol and chitosan. It works by creating both strong negative strong positive charges in the wine, which allow for larger yeast clumping and faster clearing. These finings have been successfully used in wine kits, grape and fruit wines, and alcohol mashes. 65 mL (2.2 fl oz) packet.

Directions: Add kieselsol (packet D1) to carboy (5-6 USG/19-23L) of wine, etc. Stir gently. Dissolve chitosan (packet D2) in 1 fl. oz./30mL of warm water. Add to carboy of wine, alcohol mash, etc. Stir gently. Attach airlock/bung. Clears wine, etc. brilliantly in 12-48 hours. May not clear pectin haze or products made with hard water.

Contains: Sterile Water, Kieselsol, Chitosan (Shellfish Derivative)

Super Kleer KC Finings, 2-part Unit, for 5 to 6 gallons For all wine types and beer and spirits. Liquid Kieselsol & Chitosan finings in 2-part packet. Mixes easily for superb fining. The one, two punch of beer and wine clarifying. Excellent 2 stage fining. Beer or wine drops crystal clear in 12-48 hours. The K is for kieselsol and the C is for chitosan. You add the kieselsol first and stir gently, then wait one hour. Then you disolve the chitosan in 1 oz of warm water and stir it into your batch. Super Kleer is made by Liquor Quik NOTE: For Spirit Washes use 2 packs Allergy warning: chitosan is a shellfish derivative


(No reviews yet) Write a Review