Vinbrite MK III Filter

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Vinbrite MK3 Wine Filter Kit - A very affordable gravity feed wine filtering system for home wine makers. For filtering small batches of wine you place the filter disc on top of and in the mouth of the carboy receiving the wine with a hose from the source carboy gravity feeding into this Vinbrite disc & filter. Comes complete with siphoning hose, flow control hose clamp, (6) 6 inch filters, and complete instructions.

Filtered wine not only looks magnificent, the clarity excites the tastebuds and makes it irresistible.

Filtered wines always taste better.

Filtration is the quickest way to clear a wine and it ensures that it is more stable.

Filtering a wine will remove haze particles, yeast cells and even possibly bacteria. Filtering wines improves taste, appearance and durability, and therefore clearly enhances its overall quality.

Before filtering it is always most important to leave all the sediment behind by syphoning from one jar or vessel to another.

It is recommended after filtering that the wine stands for at least a few days to settle before bottling.

Filtered wine not only looks magnificent, the clarity excites the taste buds and makes it irresistible. Filtered wine is always more stable, will not ferment in the bottle, is also the quickest way to clear a wine and will always taste better.

The first Vinbrite wine filter was originated way back in 1966. Over the years, this filter kit has constantly been updated to keep at the forefront of home wine filtration. The latest Vinbrite Mk3 kit (released November 2002) incorporates new developments comprising Hi-Tech premium grade Crystalbrite pads and venting system. As a result we have achieved a much faster flow rate whilst also producing an increased amount of filtered wine. This has been the result of constant research into new filter media and the inclusion of a venting system for the filter body. These new hi-tech Crystalbrite pads are slightly thicker than the previous ones.

  • They are extremely efficient when compaed to any other filtering media.

This means that, all wines, whether country or kit wines can be filtered to crystal-clear perfection, easier, quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

The VINBRITE MK3 kit includes a filter body, support disc, locking ring, funnel, spanner, transfer tube, flow control clip, 6 Crystalbrite filter pads, Super Enzyme and Vin Clear sachets together with full instructions.

All parts are easy to clean and only need to be rinsed in warm water.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review