Vinometer 0 to 25% with instructions

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Vinometer - 5" glass, with instructions for testing alcohol in finished wines. Boxed Higher quality vinometer, precise to .5% alcohol w/ triangular capillary tube. Complete with read- out panel backing for clearer reading. Boxed instructions. Requires 3 drops for reading.

For dry (not sweet) wines only. Easiest to use with red wines.

For testing the percentage of alcohol in your wines. Simply fill the cup with your sample and wait for several drops to run out of the bottom. Turn the Vin-O-Meter upside down and watch the column of wine drop until it stops somewhere on the scale. The reading you see is the percentage of alcohol.

Not accurate for sweet wines.

A vinometer is a piece apparatus that consist of an open, graduated glass tube with a small filling resevoir.The vinometer's reservoir or "funnel" is filled with a small amount of wine being tested until some wine (at least 2-3 drops) exits out at the other end. It is then turned around and placed on a flat surface, filling resevoir side down, and allowed to self drain.

The alcohol concentration level is read of the vinometer's scale, on the capillary, at the top of the liquid being measured, in %v/v alcohol. The level of the liquid is determined by the modifying affect that alcohol has on the interfacial tension between water and glass and the opposing surface tension of water.

The greater the alcohol concentration the less marked the liquids capillary action and the lower it will sit in the tube of the vinometer.

The vinometer is calculated on the basis of pure alcohol and water solutions, whereas wine is not a pure water/alcohol solution and the accuracy of a vinometer can not be relied upon.

Sugar interferes with the interfacial effects that a vinometer's action relies on and hence the method can only be applied to dry wines. Similarly other components in wine can also interfere with accurate measurements.

This is a very simple way to check the alcohol content of your home brew wine but remember - it is very approximate and you need to know how it works to avoid the common pitfalls.
It works on (still) wine only, not beer or spirits.
It will only work if there is no CO2 left in your wine.
It will only work if your wine is 8-13% or around these values.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review