WLP500 White Labs Monastery Ale Liquid Yeast

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Product Overview

WLP500 White Labs Monastery Ale Liquid Yeast is from a Belgian monastery where monks traditionally made beer, this yeast produces the distinctive fruitiness and plum characteristics. Excellent yeast for high gravity beers, Belgian ales, dubbels and trippels.

Best For: Trappist Ale, Dubbel, Trippel.

Notes: Distinctive fruitiness and plum characteristics. Excellent for high gravity beers.

Attenuation 75-80%
Flocculation Medium to Low
Optimum Ferment Temp. 65-72°F Lower temperatures (under 65°F) will result in less fruity and more earthy beers.
Alcohol Tolerance High

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
Dubbel 4 Trippel 4
Spiced Ales 2 Grand Cru 4
Other High Gravity 4 Christmas Beers 2
Specialty Beers 4 Saisons 2


(No reviews yet) Write a Review