WLP705 White Labs Sake Liquid Yeast

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WLP705 White Labs Sake Liquid Yeast

Produces a full-bodied sake character and subtle fragrances. For use in rice-based fermentations; typically used in conjunction with koji (to produce fermentable sugar).

Attenuation: 80.00-100.00
Alcohol Tolerance: Very High (Over 15%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 70.00f-100.00f

Exactly which sake strain is being offered? Japan has a number of sake strains cataloged for sake kura use, all identified with simple numbers like #7 and #9 (the two most popular with sake kuras).

The sake strain that we offer is of the #7 variety. We have found the optimum fermentation temperature for this strain to be between 70-75°F. It is a low-flocculating strain and robust fermentor. It produces lower levels of ester, fusel, and other aroma compounds than the #9 strain.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review