ZORK Closure Blue pack of 30

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ZORK Closure Blue, pack of 30 A wine closure and capsule all in one, attractive and functional, and provides a superb seal on many standard wine bottles A revolutionary wine closure with the convenience of a screw cap and the pop of a cork. Zork: Australian for cork. The ZORK is a combination closure and pull-off capsule which fits on many standard 750 ml wine bottles, including the 750 ml burgundy and Bordeaux bottles we sell. Once opened, the closure essentially becomes a re-usable T-cork! Zorks are a brand new simple, reliable, leak-free way to"cork" your wine. They do not require a corker - you can seal the bottles by hand! You may want to use a rubber mallet to tap the closure into the bottle once started. To open the bottle, tear off the spiral strip and remove the tasting cork closure. No corkscrew required. No cork taint or broken corks! Preserves your wine for 4-5 years. Serves as a tasting cork once the seal is removed. Note: Zorks will not work with screw cap or Champagne wine bottles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review